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HTML5 and Mobile Video

July 30, 2010

Anyone who accesses web content from their mobile device knows that video content can be difficult, if not impossible, to access.  Many mobile devices have only limited access to YouTube videos, and most are unable to view Flash-encoded videos at all.  The emergence of HTML5 is creating a shift in how video is viewed on the mobile web and creating new opportunities for content creators and their clients to showcase visual communication tools.

HTML5 uses a codec called H264 to allow mobile devices to decode and view video content.  H264 is a great codec and video professionals love it because it enables full HD video to be compressed to a smaller file size (thus more feasibly accessed on mobile devices) while still retaining high visual quality.
  The fact that the same encoder can be used to produce content for delivery across multiple distribution platforms, from Blu-ray to mobile devices, means that the editing and compression processes can be optimized which ultimately leads to projects being delivered on time and under budget.  Thus, HTML5 is opening the door to more efficient workflows and more accessible high quality content.



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