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Distributing visual media across multiple channels

August 10, 2010

When it comes to creating, producing, and delivering visual media, it is critical to understand how people access and consume content as that determines how projects are produced and the platform(s) through which that content is delivered.  A short commercial for a local business has an entirely different objective than a live music production, and thus the process of creating and delivering the visual content changes accordingly.

It is important to consider several factors when starting a new project, specifically subject matter, audience, and channel.  In this case, the word "channel" refers to the way in which the audience accesses or "consumes" the subject matter.  If our subject matter consists of simple visual elements such as on-screen interviews and basic text graphics, and our audience does not demand content to be delivered in full 1080p HD, then an online channel is likely the main platform for distribution.  On the other hand, if our subject matter is dynamic and visually intensive (such as car racing or live music), and our audience wants to feel engaged with the content, then the project might call for distribution on HD media such as broadcast or Blu-ray disc.

Some projects call for a multi-platform approach and will be delivered through several channels including broadcast television, websites, social media, mobile devices and DVD/Blu-ray.  This multi-platform approach is especially successful when it is adopted during the concept development stage as it allows the production workflow to be optimized specifically for multiple channels from start to finish rather than re-visiting distribution methods later in the process and re-formatting visual assets to platforms for which they were not intended.

Whether it is a targeted channel marketing campaign or a multi-platform approach, it is critical to understand the possibilities and to attract and engage customers through whichever platform that they use most regularly.


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