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The Rise of the Connected TV

October 25, 2010

The recent release of Sony’s Google TV and the overall proliferation of internet-connected TVs and devices have created a new platform for the delivery and consumption of content and one can’t help but wonder what it means for companies that create and share content.

There are many choices when it comes to accessing and consuming content, and the rise of the “connected TV” opens up another channel through which content can be delivered.  The ultimate success of these devices is yet to be seen, however it has become clear that consumers want options when it comes to content.  In much the same way that video content is spreading from the web to mobile devices, content is now spreading to connected TVs in the living room as an extension/enhancement of consumers’ web experience.  The convenience of browsing and consuming content on-demand from the comfort of a living room is driving the production and popularity of connected TVs.

Any business that invests in visual content and video marketing must understand these trends and design and deliver their content accordingly.  While some consumers are leading the connected TV charge, most still access and consume content through other channels – web, “traditional” TV, and mobile – therefore businesses should reach out to their audience across multiple channels to maximize their conversation with their customers.  This ability to understand and adapt to “what’s next” while still making full use of “what’s now” is fundamental to getting the most out of your visual communications.



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